Necro’s Utility Mat Pack

Ever need a simple floor tile material? How bout a concrete block wall material? Maybe a rusty, anodized diamond-plate floor material? Necro’s Utility Material Pack has all of this and more, and is currently available on the Unreal Marketplace!

Detailed pics of the instanced materials can be found here: Instanced Materials

A free sample of two of the materials can be found here: Porcelain Floor Tile and Painted Rust. Feel free to use these materials for prototyping purposes in your own project. If you like it and want to use it in commercial projects, or want other useful master materials with several instances each, head over to the Unreal Marketplace and buy Necro’s Utility Material Pack now!

2 thoughts on “Necro’s Utility Mat Pack

    • Hello Chris,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Just sifted through a ton of spam and noticed your comment. I’m currently working on an update to the pack that will add additional materials and improve older materials, but there isn’t an ETA on it yet. I’ll look into updating the version that’s currently online to 4.8 sooner, though.

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